Governance and fraud in health care organizations

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Question: Governance and Fraud in Health Care Organizations - Legal and Ethical Responsibilities


Select one law related to financial management in health care organizations. Include a cover page and a list of references at the end of the paper in APA Format.

The assignment is to be written in clear, concise narrative. All sections in the outline for Assignment #2 are required. The majority of the paper should be devoted to two sections: a) The three (3) case examples and penalties of those found guilty; and b) the three (3) remedial steps involving management intervention to reverse the non-compliance in organizations such as these.

1. Name of the Law or Laws:

Indicate the official title of the federal and/or state law, the statute and section number. Must be either a federal statute or state statute or you must cite both if applicable.

2. Management's Financial responsibility and consequences of a violation:

What is the health care organization's responsibility under this financial management statute? Describe the appropriate behavior and expectation. What are the consequences of a violation? Contrast the correct behavior with financial management behavior violating the law. Include the citations and source of documents describing the organization's responsibility.

3. Consequences for Ethical or Legal Breach:

Identify from the news, three (3) specific case examples of health care organizations or health care providers found guilty of a legal or ethical breach. Identify the specific legal and/or ethical breach and the penalties assessed to the health service organizations and/or individuals found guilty of violating the law or ethics [provide citation of law]. Do you agree with the result in each case? If so why and if not why not? Students should use a minimum of three (3) documented specific examples retrieved from the print media.

4. Management's remedial steps to reverse the non-compliance organizations:

Describe three (3) specific management actions or remedial steps to ensure the financial management in the health care organization meets or exceeds federal law or state law. Discuss how each of the three management actions specifically meets or exceeds specific federal or state law. Be specific as to how exactly it meets or exceeds specific federal or state law. Use information provided in class such as the governance structure and standardized procedure development. Note: These actions may include specific uses of technology, procedures, human resource training, and other management tools. However these action steps must be within the control of a manager.

5. Conclusion: Summary your findings above

6. Reference List [APA Format]

The paper must be:

Must footnote all facts in the paper. For example use sequential numbers starting with "1" and this number should correspond to full citation at the end of the paper. Do not put footnote citations at end of each page but at end of entire paper.

Include a cover page [not counted as a page] which should have student name and title of your paper [Provide a short name for the legal responsibility the specific health care organization has for one type of patient right in a specific setting ]

A the end of the paper a list of references in APA Format [not counted as a page]

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Reference no: EM13751896

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