Google and bmw train cars to drive themselves

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Case: Google and BMW Train Cars to Drive Themselves

Discussion Questions

1. Suppose you saw a Goole autonomous car driving along in front of you and going about 5 mph (or 10 km/hr) slower than you believe it is safe to go. There are two travel lanes in your direction. Would you pass the autonomous car? Do you think that is any riskier than passing a car controlled by a human driver?

2. As noted in the case, Google's autonomous can are easily recognized but BMW's are not. Do you think this matters? If it does, which do you prefer and why?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Would you buy an autonomous car in the first year such cars are on the market? (Assume you were going to buy a new car anyhow, that the car itself appeals to you, and that its price is reasonable.) If not, when do you think you would?

2. You are a lawyer. An autonomous car injures your cli¬ent. What do you recommend your client do? If you recommend suing, who do you sue? What are some arguments you might use? What might the defendants argue?

Reference no: EM13759349

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