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1. What would be a good topic for a survey in management field?

2. What are considerations for wording surveys in the workplace?

3. What is a service level agreement and why is it important in business relationships?

Reference no: EM132234107

Describe how the emerging concept of the triple bottom line

Summarize the following theories: just in time (JIT), Toyota Production System (TPS), and Lean. How are these concepts related? Describe the advantages and disadvantages for

How would this theory describe her upbringing and behavior

Why is socialization important? How did Oxana’s socialization contribute to her personality and behavior? How would this theory describe her upbringing and behavior?

Social and political moves to discourage cigarette smoking

In response to social and political moves to discourage cigarette smoking, major cigarette manufacturers have had to diversify into other products. Identifying the pressures a

Beneficial to be publicly recognized as good employer

Appearing on “best places to work” lists can increase an employer’s popularity, even among lower-qualified applicants. The increased volume of applicants can be costly and tim

Discuss the legal concepts of express and implied

Discuss the legal concepts of "express" and "implied" warranties and relate these concepts to the biblical instructions concerning business responsibility for the performance

Proposal to local retailer to carry specific product

Write a letter of proposal to a local retailer to carry a specific product or provide a specific service. Gather data from friends, family, co-workers and other target market

Skills and abilities to help with the production of output

Human resources are people who in the job company use their skills and abilities to help with the production of output. They have skills or knowledge that not just any one wou

How would this affect the total annual cost

A large bakery buys flour in 35 pound bags and uses an average of 1,315 per quarter. Preparing an order and receiving a shipment of flour involves a cost of $11/order. Annual


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