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1. Part of this position is working at our front desk. What is your understanding of "good" customer service? Tell us a bit about your customer services skills. What are your strenghts and weaknesses when interacting with customers?

2.(In thinking about the Job description and everything you've answered so far) Describe how you are able to handle tasks as an individual, as well as within the team setting? How do you describe you work ethics in both?

3. Being among your peers is one thing. But, having to be the mature leader is another. How do you feel about taking such a role as a RA during the summer "fun" months? How would you deal with conflict resolution, if that was to occur within the team setting or amongst your resident peers?

Reference no: EM13261823

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Studying the night before an exam produces better results than getting up early and studying just before the exam. Buddy Holly was one of the originators of Rock and Roll.

Discussion of common causes for plagiarism

his discussion of common causes for plagiarism and common solutions that professors employ to combat it is revealing for two reasons. First, you, as a student, get to consid


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