Goals of homeland security strategy
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Primary Task Response: Restate 1 idea, concept or topic you have learned in this course, and reflect on how it relates to the course objectives.

Subject cover this course:

-Goals of Homeland Security Strategy

-Collaboration in Homeland Security Strategy

-National Strategy for Homeland Security

-Assessments and Policy making in Homeland Security

-Local Strategy Policy making


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The topic taken in consideration here is the national strategy that is followed for homeland security. The special relationship here is to the strategy formulated by United States. This strategy for United States i.e. the National Strategy for Homeland Security is considered to be a formal government. It was developed by United States in order to reciprocate to the events that took place on September 11, 2001. There was a terrorist attack at the Pentagon and World Trade Center. To combat the future attacks and bring forward the changes in the public view the strategy was formulated.

The then President, Mr. George Bush had outlined various strategic parameters and considerations when it came to cooperation. The cooperation was expected between different government bodies i.e. the government at the federal level, the states, the enterprises that are private in nature, as well as the ordinary citizens of the nation.

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