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Globalization is the motivating force behind the business environment in the 21st century.

Debate the following the veracity of the following statement: Globalization only significantly affects the CEO’s of multinational corporations and high-net-worth individuals. You are to argue that the statement is true. Reference your reading material. Remember that any debate requires that you try to persuade the reader to your point of view.

Here are a few hints for your success:

• Make sure to end your discussion with your best argument.

• Use stronger definitive word choice for your best arguments.

• Open your argument with you second best supporting point.

• Put your weakest point in the middle and choose words which are descriptive to make it more interesting.

• NEVER USE “I think”, “I believe,” “I feel” or personal pronouns of any kind. Unfortunately unless you are an expert your opinions are not very convincing.

• Be creative with your ideas to keep the reader interested in your point of view.

• Do not make this a presentation, report or quotes. USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND SELECT THEM PURPOSEFULLY.

Reference no: EM131426994

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