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Assignment 1: Globalization and Canadian Firms

Parts A and B: Challenges and Opportunities of International Business

Part C: Selecting a Product or Service for your International Business Major Project

Submit Assignment 1 at the end of Lesson 3.


Module 1 introduced the nature of international business and global economic development and tried to impress upon you the broadening scope and influence of globalization. In Parts A and B of this assignment, you will reflect back on the research you conducted in your reading to examine international business from a  Canadianperspective or from the perspective of  Canadian firms.

Then, in Part C, you take the first step toward research for your  Major Project. You will imagine that you are the owner or representative of a firm that has a product or service to take to the international market. In Part C, you will identify the product or service that you will represent throughout the rest of this course. Invest some time researching and considering carefully the venture and its suitability for other countries. You will be spending many more hours researching and investigating its merit in subsequent modules, so an informed decision at this time will set the stage for both your interest and success in this project.

There are three parts: A (20 marks), B (30 marks), and C (50 marks), for a total of 100 marks. This assignment will contribute 10% of your final course grade.


Assignments 1, 2, 3, and 4 progressively develop the foundation material for your Major Project, the international business country profile, that accounts for 40% of you course grade. You must achieve a passing grade in the Major Project to pass the course.

InstructionsPart A: Analyzing Challenges that Canadian Firms Encounter (20 Marks)

Write a 2-page summary (500 words, double-spaced) to:

  1. Describe some of the challenges and opportunities for Canadian businesses entering foreign markets. Refer back to some of your readings in this module for ideas and specific examples that support your discussion.

Part B: Analyzing the Influence of Globalization on Canadian Firms (30 Marks)

Write a 3- to -4-page report (750-1,000 words, double-spaced) on the following:

  1. Using information from the textbook on the drivers for international business, and by researching information from the Internet, present examples of three Canadian companies entering or expanding their role in international business. For each, identify: Who is the company? Are they a large, medium or small enterprise? What is the primary good or service they market? Where do they do business?
  2. Conduct a preliminary analysis of these three companies' international business entry modes, identify comparative and/or absolute advantages they may be enjoying, and evaluate which globalization forces may be supporting their success. Defend your statements with evidence from the textbook, company reports, or other literature.  The goal is to show your understanding of the challenges and opportunities of International Business.

Note on Part B:

Keep in mind that in subsequent assignments, and in your Major Project, you will be developing an in-depth host country profile. Thus, for Part B of this assignment, it may be advantageous to research companies, products, or services that are of interest to your venture, along with those that might be your potential competitors.

Part C: Proposing your International Business Venture (50 Marks)

Write a 2-page (approximately 500 words, double-spaced) proposal for a new business venture that you will explore throughout the remaining modules in this course. The following are guidelines and criteria for the proposal:

  1. The proposal must be for establishment of a new business venture in a foreign country (outside Canada), and the assumption is that you are a Canadian entrepreneur or business operator planning this venture.
  2. Clearly identify the product or service, and briefly describe the reasons why you think there is potential for success in launching this product in a global market.
  3. Draw on information you learned in Module 1, as well as your background and education in business, and any travel experience that may provide you with ideas for a successful new international business venture.
  4. The proposal should be realistic; that is, the product or service should not be pure fantasy, nor should it be immoral or illegal. You will need to find online resources, so be practical in your choice of country.  Try to be creative in your choice, as the Open Learning Faculty Member may ask you to make another selection if it is already selected by others or has been overused in previous course offerings.
  5. While you do not have to finalize your country at this time, you will be analyzing five to seven countries in order to identify two potential host countries, one of which will be the focus of your Major Project. Take time to verify that there is sufficient data available on websites such as Industry Canada, IMF, WTO and UNDP to make the project possible. You should include the list of websites as an appendix to your proposal.  Hint: Google's public data explorer is a quick way to access many of these sites.


40 marks are for the substance of your proposal, and 10 marks will be awarded for spelling, grammar, and appropriate use of APA Style.

You are not required to finalize the country for your Major Project at this time. In subsequent assignments, you will explore forces that will influence the choice of country or countries in which you plan to establish this business.  By the time you reach the Major Project, you will have focused on a single host country for your international business country profile.

Reference no: EM131100728

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