Global versus national talent management

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"Global versus National Talent Management" Please respond to the following: Differentiate between talent management for global versus national efforts and how your organization would address the creation of a global effort if one is not already in existence.


"Talent Management Process" Please respond to the following: From the e-Activity, the article "Learning a Key Piece in Talent Management Process" suggests that a global taxonomy is a worthwhile initiative to assist in managing talent in large multinational organizations. Also, the article "Diving into Learning and Talent Management" highlights a company that has a competency and certification learning program in place for talent management. Using Google as a company needing a global taxonomy, competencies identified, as well as certification requirements, develop a rationale for a global taxonomy and certification for three key positions for which Google would likely need to develop talent. Explain why this type of talent development would be necessary and beneficial to Google.

Reference no: EM13737244

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