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Overview:  The global economy impacts the implementation of the HRM function in multi-national organizations to achieve organizational goals. The strategic management planning process affects the contribution of an organization's HRM policies and practices to achieving these goals.

Assignment:  Read the Application Case: "Siemens Builds a Stratey-Oriented HR System," p. 81 of your text(Human Resource Management14thed.Dessler) Course concepts in Chapter 3, specifically Figures 3-1 and 3-6 in your text, should be incorporated in your response.  Respond to the following questions in this DB forum based on this information:

1. Provide specific examples and support for:

(a) Two (2) strategically relevant organizational goals/outcomes for Siemens; and

(b) Two (2) required employee competencies (behaviors and/or skills) to achieve these goals.   

2.  Identify the two (2) most strategically relevant HR policies/activities that Siemens must implement to assist HR in contributing to the achievement of Siemens' strategic organizational goals/outcomes.  Provide specific support!


Provide your response in one (1) posting, indicating the question # and a, b, etc. in your post.

Use of outline/bulleted format is required.

Reference no: EM13756638

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