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Glass enters the manufacturing plant in packets of 200 glass sheets. There are 20 models manufactured in this facility with different lot sizes for each SKU. The glass enters the cutting department. Each glass sheet is cut, polished, washed and painted with the logo. Every windshield need a short sheet (facing the interior of the car) and a long sheet (external side of the car). 100 % of the long sheets are painted with the external logo. There are 2 cutting machines, 2 polishes, one washer machine, and one logo painting device. The washing machine takes 15 seconds per sheet. It takes 40 seconds to cut and 45 seconds to polish every glass sheet. Painting time is negligible. All the long sheets are, cut first. Then all the long ones are cut and make a pair with the long ones.

Later 70% of the models required that short sheets are painted with black paint on the edges of the windshield. The painting area for the short sheets is 40 feet from the main production line. There, the pair is split for a moment, the short sheet painted and put back into pairs before the next windshield is processed. It takes about 2 minutes seconds for this complete cycle to occur.

Reference no: EM132234212

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