Given the journal entries below make the necessary adjusted

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Given the journal entries below, make the necessary adjusted journal entries.

1/15       PBP purchased a camera from Good Co. on account for $3000. The useful life is 5 years.
1/24       PBP purchased a computer for $756. The useful life is 3 years.
1/26       PBP purchased a photo printer for $1200.  The useful life is 2 years.
1/26       PBP purchased photo supplies for $500.
1/31       PBP received a $300 deposit from Mr. Moy to provide photography services at his wedding on February 4
2/6         PBP delivered photos to Mr. Moy and billed Mr. Moy for the final payment of $200.
2/8         PBP paid $1000 to Good Co.
2/14       PBP provided photo services to Sweet Hearts Anonymous at the Valentines Day dance and received $250.
2/21       PBP was hired to take photos at a sports banquet to be held on March 15th.  The price was $1000 plus travel expenses with a down payment of $250.
2/22       PBP purchased photos supplies for $800 from Photo Chemical Company.
2/23       PBP paid $1500 to Good Co.
2/25       PBP received a phone bill for $86
2/28       PBP paid $500 for a malpractice insurance policy for one year.
2/28       PBP sold additional photos taken at the Valentines Day Dance for $450
3/1         PBP paid a $100 deposit to rent a booth at the county fair to be held in June.
3/3         PBP received payment from Mr. Moy
3/8         PBP paid the phone bill.
3/15       PBP took photos at the sports banquet and billed the customer for the balance. The travel expenses paid by PBP were $75.
3/19       PBP paid $500 to Good Co.
3/22       PBP received a phone bill for $98
3/28       PBP received payment from Sports Banquet
3/31       PBP landed a $5000 contract to photograph the youth baseball club in April. BPB received a down payment of $2000
4/3         PBP paid the phone bill
4/5         PBP purchased a $9000 photographic copy machine from Good Company on account.  The useful life is 6 years.
4/12       BPB photographed ½ of the baseball club events scheduled for April and billed YBC for $500.
4/21       BPB received a phone bill for $84
4/29       BPB paid $287 for auto repairs that occurred while photographing the remainder of the events for YBC.   BPB billed YBC for $2500 for the work performed.
5/3         BPB paid the phone bill
5/8         BPB received payment in full from YBC
5/15       BPB paid $1200 to Good Co.
5/18       BPB obtained permission to photograph the Nicetown Highschool graduation on May 28th.
5/20       BPB purchased $2500 of Photo supplies
5/28       BPB photographed the graduation and received prepaid orders for $3600 of photos.
5/29       BPB received a phone bill for $108
5/31       BPB delivered $1200 of the graduation photos.
6/3         BPB paid the phone bill
6/8         BPB paid $1000 to Good Co.
6/15       BPB participated in the County Fair with the following results:
Received prepaid orders of $5000 for photos to be delivered by the July 15th.
Sold prints of prior photos for $1400.
Paid $1500 for the rental of the booth.
Paid $491 for travel expenses.
6/21       BPB delivered the remainder of the graduation photos.
6/27       BPB received a phone bill for $211
6/28       BPB delivered $1800 of the photos for the County Fair.

Monica also has a shoebox of gas receipts that totals $782 for her business trips during the 6 months.

Monica has done an inventory count and has $118 of supplies left in the closet on June 30. 

Reference no: EM131004158

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