Given the changing and globalized nature of organizations

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Given the changing and globalized nature of organizations, how do you think communication within projects is changing? Also, what do you think are the important elements of a Project Communications Plan?

There is little doubt that business is globalizing, and even if you do not work in a global organization, you will inevitably be interacting with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders from different cultures, and with different ways of managing their businesses and achieving within them.

As a starting point for this discussion, you may want to narrate a particular circumstance or communication issue you have had within your working experience and discuss how you might have dealt with it or resolved it differently. This discussion again gives other members of your group the opportunity to critique constructively, and of course, you will be expected to do the same for them.

Finally, how do you think that communication in globalized environments is changing, and how would this have had an impact on the example you gave from your own experience?

Again - APA style for the required sources is expected.

Reference no: EM13872724

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