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Suppose Jimmy says that he is willing to give up three apples in exchange for one banana, or give up one banana in exchange for three apples. Either trade is alright with him. Suppose that apples cost $2 and bananas cost $1. What trade, if any, would you suggest that Jimmy make, and why?

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Reference no: EM13851853

What are some possible explanations for retail sales

During the same period, retail sales in Japan fell 1.8 percent in real terms. What are some possible explanations for retail sales to consumers falling when GDP rises?

What is the expected quantity demanded for gasoline

At the beginning of this year, daily consumption of gasoline in the US amounted to 344 million gallons. It is estimated that for every 10% increase in the price of gasoline, q

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Consider an investor with preferences given by the utility function U = E(r) – 0.5Aσ2 and there are two portfolios with the following characteristics: Suppose that the investo

Rates of unemployment and business bankruptcies

The high rates of unemployment and business bankruptcies during the Great Depression of the 1930s caused a dramatic increase in government intervention in the economy of the U

Brand x costs $18 per kg while brand y costs 6 per kg

Brand X contains 20, 2 and 1 units of the minerals, while Brand Y contains 4, 1, 2 units of the minerals respectively. Brand X costs $18 per kg while Brand Y costs 6 per kg.

Course of action will best provide him results he desires

Bradley collects historic memorabilia, and one of his prized possessions is the pistol used by Aaron Burr in his duel with Alexander Hamilton. After reading an article in a ma

Discuss the various functions the news media

How has the news media evolved from the nation's founding to what it is today? discuss the various functions the news media has in American society? how well do you feel the m

Case of unfair advantages at the expense of consumers

A few industries in the United States have convinced the political system to allow large firms to work together legally. In particular collegigate and professional sports team


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