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Question 1 : Classify the range of decisions to be taken for this organization? Give details for such decisions.

Question 2 : Identify the problems in finding information for situations given.

Question 3 : Give examples of data turned into information and by reasoning derived as knowledge.

Question 4 : Information is often required by people outside the organization for making judgments and decisions relating to an organization. Give four examples of decisions which may be taken by outsiders.

Question 5 : Assess and give reasons for the information to be produced at different levels which have to be secure and accurate.

Question 6 : List the sources of information and highlight key information to be used by stakeholders of the organization

Question 7 : Recommend different types of application software packages which could be used to solve business problems of this organization.

Question 8 : Identify the various stakeholders and their interest in the organization.

Question 9 : Explain how you would involve the stakeholders for better decision making for this organization

Question 10 : Briefly describe how developing contacts would help employees to increase business relationships within and outside the organization?

Question 11 : Evaluate the importance of 'bottom up' employee communication to improve decision making for this Organization.

Question 12 : Evaluate the current communication process exists within this organization. Give suggestions for improving.

Question 13 : What methods of effective communication would you apply for sales department to ensure customer requirements are clearly captured and communicated to design department? Give reason for your selection.

Question 14 : Which written formats do you use most often in interpersonal communication.

Reference no: EM13879093

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