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WHAT: Your writing assignment is a research paper. Using academic sources, you are going to study organizational culture, and relate that topic to another aspect of organizational communication/behavior. For example, you may study organizational culture as it relates to group decision-making.


• 8 pages of writing, not including cover page, references, etc. It's okay to go over 8 pages.

• APA format: Times New, 12 points, double-spaced, internal citations, etc.

• See for APA information, including sample papers.

• 8 academic sources, minimum. You may use scholarly journals and books. No newspaper articles, editorials, magazines, etc. may count towards your 8 academic sources, but may be used as additional sources.

• Organize your ideas; subdivide the paper as necessary. For example, if I were to write a paper on organizational culture and group decision-making, I would:

o Introduce the topic, stating a clear thesis on what my paper will cover. (One page).

o Start the body with a general overview of what organizational culture is, detailing some of the research that has been done on the topic. (I.e. a "literature review"). (Two pages).

o Give a general overview of group decision-making, also detailing some of the research that has been done on this topic. (I.e. a "literature review"). (Two pages).

o Discuss the research that links these two organizational communication ideas together. For example, How does an organization's culture influence how its groups make their decisions?(Two pages).

o Summarize and conclude. (One page).

• Possible topics: Organizational culture and...

o Group decision-making
o Assimilation
o Personality
o Crisis management
o Ethics
o Conflict
o Sexual harassment
o Etc.

Topic- Customer service and companies that strive as customer first such as Nordstrom.

Reference no: EM131143881

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