Genuine authority exercised in the absence of power

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Please improve critically the below Philosophical issue:

Genuine authority exercised in the absence of power?

Words: 2.500

Please give emphasis in below details:

- Focus and Reveal an understanding of how logical, rational argument can be used in. ( see more details below)

- Use footnotes and endnotes ( see more details below)

- DO NOT WRITE THE SAME PARAGRAPH TWICE ( This is happened to previous essay which you wrote; Critically assess the utilitarian objection to the doctrine of double effect

- Remember to include page numbers when referencing

- Consider using many examples to illustrate some of your points.

- Avoid the essay to be overly descriptive. While it is important to describe various positions, you also need to develop arguments.

- In places greater clarity and further explanation is required.

- Explain your ideas clearly and give emphasis in your English Language i.e (grammar, punctuation, etc), and continue to incorporate relevant reading material into your essay, but also try to focus on developing your own arguments

- When you start make an argument avoid the word "I believe" and start with the follow phrases: 'It could be argued that...'; 'However, one could argue that...'; or 'The argument for... will now be presented, etc, etc'.

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Reference no: EM13671470

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