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J.Y. is a 43-year-old woman who has detected a lump in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast while performing her monthly self-breast examination. She is examined by her primary physician, who finds a single mobile, painless lump. A biopsy of the lump is done and shows probable malignancy. J.Y. is scheduled for surgery. There is no evidence of regional lymph node involvement. J.Y.'s tumor is thought to be responsive to estrogen.

Discussion Questions

  1. Based on the above information, what type of breast surgery is indicated for J.Y.?
  2. What treatment besides surgery is J.Y. likely to receive?
  3. J.Y. is concerned that her daughter, now 15 years old, is at an increased risk for breast cancer. What might you tell her?
  4. Because J.Y. did not have lymph node involvement, what is her prognosis?  How would this change had she been found to have malignant cells in her lymph nodes? What if she had been found to have metastasis to her spine?

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