Genetics in formation of deep vein thrombosis

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What is the role of genetics in formation of deep vein thrombosis?

Reference no: EM132280122

Determine kp then determine equilibrium partial pressure

The reaction CH4(g) + H2O(g) CO(g) +H2(g) has Kc=8.73x10^2 at 400 degrees Celcius. Determine Kp then determine the equilibrium partial pressures AND the equilibrium concen

Explain how this changing condition affect natural selection

Information : gray fur with dark patches in coats of wolves in the population have beneficial for the animal to blend easily within dense forest habitat while other gray wol

Using the calibrated ocular micrometer

you viewed a cell under medium power (15x objective) and, using the calibrated ocular micrometer, you determined that is was 23micrometers in length. You then draw a diagram o

Advantages of having internal gills over external gills

Explain the challenges and advantages of having internal gills over external gills for gas exchange? Explain how increased stress levels can affect hormones which ultimately

Xeroderma pigmentosum

The condition "xeroderma pigmentosum" is characterized by high rates of skin cancers like malignant melanoma. It is caused by mutations in any of many genes that encode enzyme

Why is glucose consumed at a high rate in the absence

In the absence of oxygen, cells consume glucose at a high, steady rate. When oxygen is added, glucose consumption drops precipitously and is then maintained at the lower rat

How could the mrna sequence support a triplet code

How could this mRNA sequence support a triplet code? List the steps involved in protein synthesis, beginning with the DNA code in the nucleus and ending with a polypeptide.

What is the biological basis of schizophrenia

What is the biological basis of schizophrenia? Discuss the symptoms that prompt the diagnosis and include the evidence for abnormalities in the ventricles and the results of


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