Genetics in formation of deep vein thrombosis

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What is the role of genetics in formation of deep vein thrombosis?

Reference no: EM132280122

Photosynthetic dark reactions

C4 plants have an altered the strategy by which the CO2 in photosynthetic dark reactions is "fixed".This "improved strategy" is intended to address what"negative property" o

What is the highest temperature

A cylinder with a movable piston is filled at 24oC with a gas that occupies 36.2cm3. If the maximum capacity of the cylinder is 65.2cm3, what is the highest temperature to w

How alcohol may cause damage to cellular enzymes

Utilizing the information in "Cirrhosis: Many Causes " answer the following prompt. Focusing on long-term abuse of alcohol as a cause of cirrhosis, speculate how alcohol may

How do differential leukocyte count aid in medical diagnosis

In counting 100 leukocytes you are accurately able to distinguish 15 basophils. Is this a normal number for the white blood cell count, and what possible health implication

Consider two hypothetical recessive autosomal genes a and b

Consider two hypothetical recessive autosomal genes a and b, where a heterozygote is testcrossed to a double-homozygous mutant. Predict the phenotypic ratios under the follo

How much of the human genome is in the category

How much of the human genome is in the category “other DNA”? What kinds of “other DNA” arethere?n comparison with genes? Do you think that“regulatory sequences” account for m

Determine the concentration of your overnight culture

The OD of an E.coli culture is 0.23. You transfer 300 µl of this culture into 29.7ml of medium. You continue this same dilution one more time. You transfer 50 µl of your las

How must this ppd test be interpreted

When Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) isolated from Mycobacterium tuberculosis was injected into the skin of a patient, it caused an area of hardening 1 cm in diameter. How m


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