Genetically modified organism

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Genetically Modified Organism

Describe one specific example of a genetically modified organism (GMO).  This may be a plant or an animal and may currently be on the market, was on the market in the past, or is under development. 

- Use the web and/or library resources to find as much information as possible about your chosen GMO.  Try to address the following: type of introduced gene(s) and corresponding protein(s), properties, where is it being used, percent of market, and which food products contain(ed) this GMO. 

Discuss the following questions related to your specific example and/or GMOs in general:

  • What are some of the potential benefits of genetically modified organisms?
  • What are some of the potential risks of genetically modified organisms?
  • Is there a difference between selective breeding of plant crops and livestock (i.e. crossbreeding plants or animals with desired traits) and between genetically engineering crops and animals?  Is one better than the other?

Include any websites you utilized in your search.

Reference no: EM131390489

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