Genetic variation is of utmost importance to ensure survival

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In nature, genetic variation is of utmost importance to ensure survival of the species. Human beings, however, often contribute to a decline in this variation unintentionally by our actions. For example, there are hundreds of rice species on Earth, but the majority of the human population worldwide (all 7 billion of us!) only consumes about ten of these rice varieties on a regular basis. This is a form of selective evolutionary pressure. Because the human race generally only plants and cares for the ten desirable rice varieties and basically ignores the rest, the other hundreds of rice varieties get edged out in most places suitable for the growth of rice.

Question: Can you think of other situations where we practice similar selective behaviors, favoring certain traits and characteristics in the foods we eat and the animals we raise (either as pets or otherwise)? (Answer in 4 sentences or more)

Reference no: EM13512910

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