Generation of diversity in the antibody molecule

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How do non-homologous DNA recombination mechanisms: V(D)J rearrangements, somatic hypermutation , Isotype switching, and receptor editing contribute to the production of the antibody molecule and the generation of diversity in the antibody molecule?

Reference no: EM13533510

The antibiotic amphotericin b casuses leaks in cells

The antibiotic amphotericin B casuses leaks in cells by combining with sterols in the plasma membrane.  Would you expect to use amphotericin B against a bacterial infecti

Implications of the prolific use of genetic knowledge

Question: Describe how the use of genetic knowledge can change the course of disease. What are the implications of the prolific use of genetic knowledge for the intervention

Amplify the detection of very small amount of antigen

ELISA uses an enzyme-linked antibody to detect and antigen. Briefly explain how use of the enzyme is ELISA could amplify the detection of a very small amount of antigen in a

The second most frequent alelle of a gene

1. In a population, whenever the second most frequent alelle of a gene has a frequency greater than 0.01, we refer to the situation as a a. Genetic polymorphism b. Genetic

Define the weight lost through the procedure

Assume two samples of water are taken just under the surface on a lake, one sample in the early morning, and the other in the late afternoon. Harriet had liposuction several y

Examining the geology of a region for potential

When examining the geology of a region for potential useable aquifers, what characteristics, or factors would you consider? Discuss at least three environmental concerns relat

What is wetland mitigation

What is wetland mitigation? How is it different from wetland restoration and what is the main mitigation goal of the usfws for this project? Is this goal a direct response to

Evolutionary changes in a trait

The organism you select should be a real one however the evolutionary change in a trait which you explain can be real or fiction. Describe how the change in this trait takes


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