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Create a Power Point - Provide examples of your transferable skills as they relate to each of the nine General Career Portfolio skills. Remember many skills are based on the context for each job or situation in which you find yourself. This exercise is designed to help you with discovering your transferable skills and relay them in an interview situation. Use the examples on pg. 25 in your textbook. Your answers will come in handy later in the course as we explore the “Behavioral Interview” process. 9 Transferable Skills PPT: Your PPT will include: A title slide and at least one slide for each of the nine transferable skills (1)Communication Skills, (2) Creativity, (3) Critical Thinking, (4) Leadership, (5) Life Management, (6) Research/Product Development, (7) Social Responsibility, (8) Teamwork, (9) Technical Scientific Think of real life situations you have been in where you used your transferable skills as they relate to each of the nine listed on page 25 of your textbook. Write these real life situations down. Use them for each of your slides. Example 1: My office manager gave me a project after I returned from lunch and stated the project must be completed by the end of the work day. What steps did you personally take to make sure the project was completed on time? An example might include seeking the help of other employees to contribute to the project in their areas of expertise. Example 2: There was a real lack of organization in your department. Tasks were not completed on time or correctly. What steps did you personally take to organize daily tasks so they were completed on time and completed correctly? How did you fix the communication barrier? What resources did you pull together to better organize your responsibilities or department? You can use the statements you write for each of your transferable skills in an interview situation. Using your real experiences to communicate your transferable skills validates the fact that you are a qualified candidate. Consider all of your interpersonal skills that will transfer for any field or career you might choose. Remember you are looking within yourself to find skills that would be used in any career.

Reference no: EM131040974

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