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According to Schaefer (2012), gender roles are society's way of locking us into certain behaviors, attitudes, and even activities which may differ based on whether the person is female or male. What are some specific examples of how we socialize boys and girls from birth to fit within predefined gender roles? What happens if a girl or boy, under the age of 16, exhibits behavior outside his/her gender role? How have gender roles impacted education, religion, politics, medicine, and the mass media? Or, how have these areas impacted gender roles?

Reminder: Leave out your personal opinion and experience in your initial response. Use at last one credible research source. Make sure you have good APA citation and a complete APA reference at the end of your text.

Schaefer, Richard T. (2012). Racial and ethnic groups (13th ed.) [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Retrieved December April 12, 2015 from University of Phoenix, ETH125 Cultural Diversity web site. 

Reference no: EM13731048

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