Gender and sexual preference discrimination

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Your presentation must include at least the information presented under each heading. It must consist of a minimum of 25 PowerPoint slides, excluding the title and reference slides. Use proper APA formatting when citing sources, including your  (Remember that unmonitored Internet sources, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable.)

Option: Gender and Sexual Preference Discrimination

1. Discuss at least five benefits of organizational diversity.

2. Provide a minimum of two reasons for the increased number of women in the workplace in the United States. How would employer-provided child and elder care impact this segment of the work force?

3. Explain the historical background of gender discrimination in the United States.

4. Provide employment data, educational attainment, and income levels for women and sexual minorities in the workplace.

5. Describe the basic purpose of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

6. Define sexual orientation. Should sexual orientation be protected under federal legislation? Please justify your response.

7. Although sexual orientation is not protected by federal legislation, is it acceptable to discriminate against sexual minorities because of their preferences?

8. Define sex discrimination, and provide at least one example.

9. Define the two types of sexual harassment and provide an example of each.

10. Discuss case details for two lawsuits: one involving sex discrimination in the United States and one involving sexual harassment in the United States.

11. Provide at least two reasons for the pervasiveness of sex discrimination in the workplace.

12. Provide a minimum of three recommendations to improve organizational cultures for gender equity and sexual minorities.

Reference no: EM13779909

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