Gasoline powered passenger vehicles
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In particular, we hypothesize that an increase in gasoline price volatility decreases consumer demand for gasoline in the intermediate run. An increase in the income of consumers leads to increase in demand of gasoline.

This report emphasises the subject title in following subheads:-

1.      Introduction

2.      Gasoline in U.S markets: a brief

3.      Some facts

4.      Concept of Demand and its determinants: in brief

5.      Demand

6.      A Detailed look of the study:

7.      Energy information administration reports and charts

8.      Comparison of gasoline prices with Historical Prices

9.      Detailed analysis of the study

10.  Conclusion

11.  Appendix

12.  References

In a nutshell, this study shows that given the prices of gasoline and personal disposable income of the consumers, the demand of gasoline (represented by sale of gasoline) fluctuates accordingly over the period of 2000-2012 in U.S.

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