Fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship
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Fundamentals of innovation and Entrepreneurship - Design Thinking in Practice

For this project, pick a problem in an organization you know (for example, your college campus, a company you have worked for, or a volunteer organization), then use the design thinking process and skills that you learned to identify a specific issue in that organization: a pain point for customers, clients, or employees.

Conduct interviews, create a journey map, generate a how might we question, and come up with at least three possible solutions. Please include short summaries of your interviews with your project.

Produce (1) a written document (instructions to be announced), and (2) a slide set to be presented in class.


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A design thinking technique has been applied in the case study of commonwealth bank. An issue of employee conflict with banking system is the main focus. The task is done in PPT and a word document every 400 words.

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