Fundamentals of chemical bonding and ionic equilibrium

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Aim To understand the fundamentals of chemical bonding and ionic equilibrium and its application in engineering problems.


  • Objective Observing and explaining the reasons of engineering chemistry related problems.
  • Applying the basics of chemistry knowledge in explaining challenges related to chemical bonding.
  • Observing and explaining the use and rationale of certain chemicals in industries.

A. Knowledge and understanding of the topic

This is the factual foundation of the assignment. The essential facts should be accurate and broad enough in their scope to allow further application.

B. Application and analysis of the topic (Module specific Skill)

To develop the analytical and theoretical research skills and enhance their understanding, while testing their knowledge regarding allotropic forms of carbon and also compare the effect of acids and bases on various biological and industrial environment.

C. The structure in terms of logic and coherence

Submissions should have a clear start and a clear end. Information within submissions should also be logical and well grouped. Report structure, Abstract, Introduction & Referencing, Result Analysis, and Conclusion & Future works.

D. The use of relevant work examples and/or examples gained from further reading

Suggestions for further reading are contained within the course work and indicated at the end of the course work. These reading lists are not exhaustive and candidates are encouraged to read further and reference at the end of the course work using Harvard style of referencing.

Task1: Acids and Bases play an important role in our lives. Various biological processes, industrial applications and even environmental problems are a function of the acidity or basicity of aqueous solutions. Based on the concept of acids and bases answer the following questions -

A. List out the different biological process involving acids and bases with relevant equations.

B. In adverse conditions how is the pH level maintained in biological systems?

C. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of acids and bases in industries and list the ways in which the damages can be prevented.

Task 2: Carbon exists in different allotropic forms. Diamond is considered to be the hardest among the allotropic forms of carbon. Based on the structural arrangement answer following questions:

A. Illustrate the reason for differences in the physical properties between diamond and graphite

B. Explain the reason and consequences behind the conversion of graphite to diamond being commercially not exploited.

Task 3: Performing experiments based on theoretical knowledge, consolidates the understanding. Students have to do the following experiments in the lab and record all readings, observations and results in the given log sheet and accordingly suitable marks will be given to students.

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Reference no: EM13903949

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