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1. A good way to protect a firm from having outsider ownership interest at the death of one of the owners is to:

a. Have an installment sale contract

b. Buy sell contract

c. Right of first refusal contract

d. Covenant not to compete agreement

2. An insurance contract is under the:

a. Uniform commercial Code

b. Civil Code

c. Common Law

d. Special type of contract

3. A fundamental challenge of managing a large firm is to achieve an optimal trade-off between:

A. Division of labour, specialisation, co-ordination and co-operation

B. Division of labor and efficiency

C. Cooperation, coordination and profit

D. Cooperation and division of unqualified labor

4. In property lease agreements, base rent may include:

a. Percentage of sales dollars in addition to a base fee.

b. A fee for each employee in addition to a base fee.

c. A fee for each parting space in addition to a base fee

d. a., b. and c could all be part of the base rent

5. A two-step process is used to finish a product: painting and drying. There are 5 workers and each one takes an average of 60 minutes to paint each unit. Drying takes place in an oven that can hold up to 100 units and it takes 5 minutes to load each unit. Once all the units are loaded into the oven, it takes 6 hours to dry each load. What fraction of time is the oven being loaded if C&A uses a batch size of 100 and demand is unlimited?

A. 58% B. 42% C. 20% D. 2%

Reference no: EM132185238

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