Functions of marketing intermediaries

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What are the various types and functions of marketing intermediaries? Which are more important for large business and why? Which are more important for the small business and why? How could additional marketing channel options in the simulation help you better serve your target market??

Reference no: EM131226511

Parts of the public relations plan

Including all 10 parts of the Public Relations Plan (1. executive summary, 2. communication process, 3. background, 4. situation analysis,5. message statement, 6. audiences, 7

Violations of the false claims act in his private practice

You are the Compliance Officer of a 230-bed teaching hospital. You have just read a newspaper article reporting that a physician on the hospital's medical staff has been charg

Find source that discusses the communication process

Use the Internet to find a source that discusses the communication process. What are the steps in the communication process? What do you think is the relationship between dive

Power down the system and fix the problem

Sabotage and Repair a Computer Open the computer case and create a hardware problem with your computer that prevents the system from booting without damaging a component. For

Provide innovative hr practices in their organizations

Find three companies on the internet that provide innovative HR practices in their organizations, or are considered among the best places to work. What do they do and how do t

How much contingency reserve is needed for a project and why

Explain why adding as much contingency reserve as needed to fully cover every risk to its fullest would or would not be a good idea. Think of an example to determine how much

Computer technical resource for county public library system

You are the computer technical resource for a county's public library system. The library is making plans to install Internet filtering software so it will conform to the Chil

Improve the health of the community

Since healthcare tends to be local, as a policymaker what would you do to encourage the larger community (retailers, restaurants, employers, schools, religious institutions, p


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