Functions of accommodation and facilities management

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MSc Hospitality with Tourism Management

Module Title                                                                      Module Code

Hospitality & Tourism Facilities Management                      316

Assignment Title                                                              Level

Improving process performance.                                              7

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This assignment is worth 75% of the marks for this module


Tim Eggins, Ros McAteer, Simon Turner, Dave Andrews

Work may be handed in to the Resource Centre prior to the final cut off time (14.30hrs for full time students)

Frontispiece Assignment Key

Task 1

316                                                         EGGI                                      14S2A

Module Learning Outcomes

For the assignment students must achieve the following learning outcomes:

1. Appreciate the complexity of operational challenges faced by managers in hospitality/ tourism operations with specific reference to the functions of accommodation/ facilities management

2. Appreciate the inter-relationship of areas of business such as technical operational areas and human resources in the pursuit of delivering quality customer centric services

3. Analyse and articulate current operational challenges and issues, synthesis material and generate ideas/ solutions to a complex case study.

Assignment Remit

The assignment is broken down into various parts; each partis given a % value towards the total of this module.

To support your academic arguments include examples, where possible from a hotel that you have stayed at in the UK.

Part 1 (15%)

For part 1 you work in teams of two.  Each team will be allocated a hotel.  Visit its own website and one third party site (e.g. Expedia, LateRooms, Travelocity), your task is to monitor room prices on both sites and account for any change over time or price differences between sites over the monitoring period.  References used should be included.

Please complete only 3000 words part 2.

Part 2 (60%)

Using operations and service management literature, critically evaluate how accommodation can be managed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sleeping accommodation means any hospitality or tourism space designed to allow customers to sleep.  You may want to investigate topic areas such as customer satisfaction, tangible design, servicing (cleaning) and maintenance.


individual essay for part 2.


3,000 words for part 2

Grading Criteria for part 2

  • The college’s grading criteria for level 7(Masters Degree) will apply. In addition you should consider the following:
  • Your answers should at least partly be justified by the nature of the chosen hotel, for example, its star rating, location and target markets.
  • You are encouraged to incorporate and apply academic management models from recommended texts into your discussion.
  • We expect STRONG evidence of independent reading in particular a good range of contemporary journal material to be incorporated into your essay to support clear lines of argument so as to demonstrate an awareness of current industry and academic concept developments.
  • References MUST underpin lines of argument to make your discussion persuasive.  They must also conform to the format described in the UCB referencing guide.
  • Clear reasoned conclusions which sum up the key points, answer the question set and offer your final judgement are encouraged.


Please note that task two of this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort.  College policy in case of plagiarism will apply.

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Reference no: EM131224132

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