Functional-situational and transformational leadership

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The Human Resources Manager and Senior Vice President of the company are starting a coed softball team. Here are the people who have signed up so far:

1. Patty, a new employee, was a star on her college softball team. She is confident she would be an asset to the team. She hasn’t met many people in the company and feels her current assignment keeps her isolated. While she realizes it is good training for the future, she is not sure anyone will know who she is if a future opportunity would open up.

2. Larry was the captain of the team at his last company. He would love to beat that team since that company laid him off. He enjoyed being in the leadership role. He was a pitcher on that team and had a winning record. He feels confident that as captain he could win for the company.

3. Jess’s job keeps him at a computer all day, and he is gaining weight and is having trouble with his blood pressure. He hasn’t played since high school but enjoys it. The doctor has told him he must get some exercise.

4. Pam has been attracted to Larry and would like to get to know him better. While she is not a great player, she is willing to try.

5. Terry signed up knowing the group will have fun and party each week.

After reading the above canyou answer this?

Determine and provide reasons for what style of leadership Larry should use to lead the softball team to victory and to be recognized as a leader by his peers and management.

You have to pick one below to answer the question above.

Functional Leadership

Situational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Reference no: EM13303981

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