Functional conflict from dysfunctional conflict

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1. How do the four characteristics of services apply to Airbnb? How does Airbnb deal with each characteristic?

2. In your opinion, should organizations use personality tests in their recruitment and selection process? Why or why not? Support your answer with relevant research and examples.

3. What differentiates functional conflict from dysfunctional conflict? Within groups, negotiations usually center around either the task (the job the group should be doing) or maintenance (the social relationships of the individuals working together). When do you feel a focus on the maintenance of the group can be considered functional conflict? Give one specific example to support your answer.

Reference no: EM132233860

Developing country is overseeing multinational operations

A manager from a developing country is overseeing a multinational's operations in a country where drug trafficking and lawlessness are rife. One day, a representative of a loc

Develop an aggregate plan using a spreadsheet

Beginning inventory in May is 403 complete (a complete two-piece includes both top and bottom) bathing suits. Bathing suits cost $40 to produce and carrying cost is 24 perce

Biggest financial issues of your organization

What do you see as the biggest financial issues of your organization? Hint: You are a nonprofit organization- so look at your means of funding and the relationship this has on

Largest light construction equipment manufacturers

In 2006 Ground Heaters was acquired by one of North America's largest light construction equipment manufacturers, largely for the distribution channels it had developed. But d

The tool of strategic analysis.

What are the resources involved in the firm's value chain? How do they compare to competitors on cost and differentiation? Does the firm have a competitive advantage? Are the

Articulate key aspects of operations management

Articulate key aspects of operations management. Explain why operations management is important to managers in various organizational areas. Please provide specific examples

Bond holdings against possible interest rate fluctuations

ABC Investment is underwriting a 20-year zero-coupon corporate bond issue with a face value of $5 million and a current market value of $2,676,776. The firm must hold the bond

Describe the flight service station and the services

Explain the purpose of an airport.Describe Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs) and their purpose.Demonstrate an understanding of the Title 14 CFR Parts that are used to operat


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