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Part A-

Tonya is constantly worried about school, work, and things at home. She often worries about very minor things. She has been suffering from irritability, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating, and has noted muscle tension. These symptoms have been going on for the last 8 months and cause her distress. Tonya most likely is suffering from what disorder?

A few weeks ago, Cindy seemed to be on a mission to clean her entire house. It took her five days and during that time she only slept for about 6 hours. She had a tremendous amount of energy that seemingly came out of nowhere. While cleaning she talked quickly and non-stop about unrelated topics. About six months ago, Cindy was in the complete opposite mood. She wouldn't getout of bed, had no appetite, had zero interest in anything, and felt hopeless. Cindy most likely is suffering from what disorder?

Bart is absolutely petrified of heights. This has caused Bart much distress for years. To deal with his intense fear, he simply avoids heights. This isn't always possible and when he is up even one flight of stairs, he sweats and gets lightheaded, his arms shake, and he is crippled by his fear. Bart most likely is suffering from what disorder?

Tao has an intense fear of being negatively judged by others. Typically, Tao avoids any social situation where he fears he will embarrass himself. When he does surround himself by others, his anxiety is so intense that his face reddens, he sweats uncontrollably, and his heart races. His reaction doesn't align with the social situation, as there isn't that type of pressure. These symptoms have been going on for the last 7 months and cause significant distress and social isolation. Tao most likely is suffering from what disorder?

Simon decided to abruptly leave his wife and children. He cleared their bank account and he closed out his life savings to start a new business. Simon has never worked in the industry he wants to start a business but is convinced he will be a huge success and make millions. To get started in his new venture, he bought thousands of dollars worth of suits and expensive watches. He shopped for a new car and paid cash for a hotel room for a month. He went out to the clubs and brought back people he just met to his room to continue to party. Simon didn't sleep for days and this went on for over a week. Afterwards, he fully regretted his actions and felt he didn't have control of his life. Simon most likely is suffering from what disorder?

Jessica felt she had to stop attending her college courses. She was certain she would have another, sudden panic attack. Since Jessica didn't know when they would happen, and one had already happened at school, she thought she could avoid having another attack if she never went back. The fear of having a panic attack is so intense Jessica also stopped going to the grocery store too. This is where another unexpected panic attack occurred. It was awful. She thought she was going to die - her heart was racing, she was sweating, her face flushed, and she could not catch her breath. She said it felt like 100 pounds were on her chest and the feeling lasted about ten minutes. Jessica likely has what disorder?

Aisha has not been able to sleep. This has been going on for the past 8 months. She feels keyed up, irritable, her neck and back hurt from tension, and she finds it difficult to concentrate. Aisha has been constantly worried about her finances. She worries about her schoolwork and feels she will never get her degree. Aisha is constantly thinking about her romantic relationship and fears they are going to break up even though her partner tells her not to worry. What disorder does Aisha likely have?

Regina has her family incredibly concerned. She is fifteen and hasn't been herself lately. She struggles to get to school in the morning, stays in bed most weekends, and has stopped her hobby of painting art. She is often quite irritable with her family. In school, Regina's grades have dropped significantly. Regina also isolates herself from her peers. Her parents noticed she hasn't been out socially in at least 6 months even though before she was often out with friends. The most recent issue has been going on for the past two weeks. Regina likely has which disorder?

Bart works at his local supermarket but often has to call out sick. This is because Bart is fearful that he will embarrass himself at work. He has an intense fear that he will say something stupid and people will make fun of him. Bart has had this fear for years and as a result he was unable to attend college and rarely goes out socially. His family has learned to be patient with Bart but it took years to fully understand his condition. It causes him incredible distress and Bart is well aware of how this has negatively impacted his ability to live a healthy life. Bart is likely suffering from what disorder?

Marcus hasn't left his apartment in over two years. This negatively impacts his daily functioning. Luckily, due to technology, he is able to have his groceries delivered; he works from home, and does have two friends from elementary school who come to his apartment weekly for card games. Lately, he has been having medical issues but is unable to get to a doctor due to his intense fear of leaving his home. He knows he has to get to a doctor but even thinking about it causes his distress. Marcus likely has what disorder?

Part B-

Lydia, a conservative librarian, ran out to get her morning coffee and while in line, a woman was thrilled to see Lydia and greeted her with a huge hug! Lydia had never met this woman before and quickly tried to explain the misidentification. The woman kept referring to her as Lolita and explained that they attend dance classes together. The woman went on and on about their girls nights out together and accused "Lolita" of getting drunk without her and that is why she must be acting so out of it! Lydia was so horrified that she left without getting her coffee. This is the third time that a random person insisted they knew Lydia and she had no recollection of them. What disorder does Lydia have?

Selma's children no longer speak to her. They are disgusted by the way their Mother lives and are tired of constantly sneaking in her house to clean it. Growing up, Selma's children never had their friends over because they were embarrassed by their living situation. It was impossible to shower because of boxes being stored in the tub. The girls had to bathe using the sink, which was difficult to get to since the path to the sink was so narrow. Recently, Selma is angered that her own children would throw away her belongings without her permission. Selma feels betrayed by her own family. Selma most likely is suffering from what disorder?

Betsy noticed another scar on her face this morning during her rigid, morning ritual of checking her skin. Betsy is compelled to check her skin every morning and often many times during the day for up to 60 minutes at a time. The scars on Betsy's face are from when she had chicken pox as a child. As a result of her scars, Betsy doesn't go out in public. She doesn't want to scare and horrify other people. She knows that if others see her face that they will vomit and be disgusted by her appearance. Betsy's Mom doesn't agree and thinks Besty has a beautiful face. Betsy most likely has what disorder?

During Marc's anniversary dinner with his wife, Marc couldn't help thinking about his time in Iraq. Violent images kept replaying over and over in his head. Marc's wife realized that Marc wasn't paying attention and was feeling frustrated and lonely now that Marc was home. Since Marc refused to talk about his time in Iraq, his wife felt shut out of his life. Marc wanted to talk about his experiences but is so overwhelmed with guilt and shame. Marc blames himself for the death of his friends who were killed by a suicide bomber. Even though it has been seven months, Marc thought his appetite and sleeping would be better by now and they aren't. Marc is most likely suffering from what disorder?

Sarah is constantly haunted by thoughts of death. She fears that her parents will die horrific deaths and she can easily visualize the grotesque scenes in her head. Lately, she has been repeatedly visualizing not only the deaths of her parents but also of her boyfriend. Nobody in her life knows about these haunting thoughts that are out of Sarah's control. No matter what Sarah does to prevent the deaths of her loved ones (for example, ritually taking the same route to work everyday), Sarah is convinced they will die these deaths. Sarah most likely is suffering from what disorder?

Robert had a difficult time explaining his experience. He felt "off" and not himself. Robert described his emotions like waves and sounds and explained sounds as things or objects. He said his life was playing out like a movie and that he was just a spectator, watching from a distance. Robert has never experimented with drugs and has no medical condition that would explain his experiences. What disorder does Robert likely have?

Marisa learned from facebook that a friend she went to high school with suddenly died from a heart attack. At 40 years old, Marisa recognized how young her friend was, especially to have a heart attack when her friend appeared healthy. During the subsequent month, Marisa was fearful something was wrong with her heart and scheduled appointments with her primary doctor and a cardiologist. Nothing was found and Marisa was given a clean bill of health. Her primary doctor expressed concerns about Marisa's mental health since this is the forth time in under a year where Marisa was certain she had a serious medical condition without having any symptoms.Marisa is likely suffering from what disorder?

Mary recently divorced from her husband after she discovered he had fathered another child behind her back. Her husband left Mary and their three children to "start a new family" with the other woman. Mary had no indication that her husband was unfaithful. He was loving, caring, and took care of his family financially. Mary didn't work and was now forced to find employment to support her children. They had to move from a large house into a small apartment. Shortly after settling into the new apartment, Mary's Mom reported Mary missing to the police. Mary went to work that morning and never returned. After three weeks, Mary was found living in a shelter for people who were homeless. What disorder does Mary likely have - be specific?

Karen was in a car accident. The impact of the collision was so loud and her car was totaled as a result of the crash. Karen didn't see the accident coming since she was blind-sided by someone who ran a red light. For the next week, Karen couldn't drive because she was so fearful of having another accident. She kept hearing the sound of the crash over and over in her head. She would try to think of something else but couldn't distract herself. She was so upset by the accident she found it difficult to sleep, noticed a change in her appetite, and felt like she wasn't competent to ever drive again. About three weeks after the accident, Karen's symptoms resolved. Karen most likely had what disorder?

Marta's six year old son had a variety of medical illnesses that began when he was two years old. He frequented the hospital due to seizures. Medical experts couldn't identify the underlying cause of his seizures. Marta blogged about her experience raising a child with severe medical issues and received a tremendous amount of attention. She was featured on the local news stations and had over 1,000 followers on her blog. Marta was praised for being a wonderful parent. During her son's last hospital stay, a nurse walked in on Marta messing with his feeding tube. When the nurse confronted Marta asking her what she was doing, Marta said she was trying to make it more comfortable for her son. Within an hour, her son had another terrible seizure. The nurse reported the issue and the feeding tube was found to have fecal contamination on it. The police were brought into investigate Marta's possible role in her son's illness. If Marta is found to have made her son sick, what would be her diagnosis - be specific?

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