From the e-activity, amore''s and quesada''s article

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1) The president of your company approached you with his iPhone in one hand and his iPad in the other. He has just purchased the iPhone 4S and is fascinated with Siri, the voice recognition software. He then pulls up an app your team developed for the company a few months ago and tells you that he wants it to work with voice commands just like Siri. When you pass this information on to your team, the news is met with groans and angry expressions. One of your developers tells you that it would be way too complicated to add voice recognition into the app and that you should have said no. Suggest three techniques to overcome the challenges of implementing natural language into interface designs. 

2) Sally, a young developer, requests a meeting with you to discuss a project. Sally tells you that she wants to develop a new application in a computer language she has developed, hoping to use the project as proof of concept for her newly developed language. Your firm encourages technological development and advancement and has allowed similar developments to happen in the past. Discuss with Sally what is required to be considered an effective computer language. Suggest three characteristics that make up an effective computer language. Support your response with evidence from the textbook or an article you found.

3) You have just finished reviewing a design project your team has submitted to you and noticed that the team members used a great deal of command abbreviations. Explain to your team the value of using abbreviations for commands and give them at least two advantages and disadvantages associated with using abbreviations. Support your answer.

4) From the e-Activity, Amore's and Quesada's article discusses the challenges of incorporating Natural Command Language Dialogs (NCLDs) into a phone system. One challenge pertains to sources of conflict in NCLDs. Discuss potential sources of conflict with an interface that you frequently use and devise a solution for preventing the conflicts.
***E-Activity: Read the article titled "Cooperation and Collaboration in Natural Command Language Dialogues", located Be prepared to discuss. *** 

Reference no: EM13997085

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