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Genetic drift occurs more frequently when populations are small. The smaller the population size, the faster alleles will be lost. Why is this so?

Reference no: EM132279935

What is the farmers approximation of yield

A farmer planted a field of BT 123 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 35 ears in 1/1000 of an acre. He determines that each ear has a

Ways to fight cancer

The global community is plagued by increasing incidence of lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast and pancreatic cancers, prostate cancer, leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, live

Double stranded fragment of viral dna

A double-stranded fragment of viral DNA, one of whose strands is shown below, encodes two polypeptides called vir-1 and vir-2. Adding this double stranded DNA fragment to an i

Identify a situation in the forensic science field

Identify a situation in the forensic science field where a forensic scientist (of any field) has compromised a case ethically.  Describe the situation/case and how the foren

Explain how a single eukaryotic cell

Explain how a single eukaryotic cell shows the characteristics of life, including which organelles are involved with each characteristic. Is it possible to change a stated the

Eradicated from the population

Huntington's disease affects individuals late into adulthood. Given what you know about how Natural Selection works, explain why Huntington's disease hasn't been eradicated

Diagram the electron transport chain

Diagram the electron transport chain and ATP synthesis of oxidative phosphorylation, with specific inclusion of the following terms and concepts: diffusion, active transport,

What would be the ratio of brown-eyed

1. Let's assume for this problem that the world is divided into blue-eyed people and brown-eyed people. Let's also assume for the sake of simplicity that there is only one g


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