Frequency of homozygous dominants in the next generation

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Assume a population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for a charactertrait with these genotypic frequencies: AA = 0.25,Aa = 0.50, and aa = 0.25. If you remove all thehomozygous dominants and allow the remaining population toreproduce (again under Hardy-Weinberg conditions), what will be the frequency of homozygous dominants in the next generation?

Reference no: EM13531153

What are the allele frequencies

In humans the hairless locus codes for a follicular protein found associated with normal hair development. The normal allele at this locus is denoted with B. A recessive all

Define biodiversity and explain how it''s most measured

Define biodiversity and explain how it is most commonly measured. Now consider the various ways to define a species (i.e., species concepts) covered in the readings and explai

Functions for complex organisms

Explain "In an animal's body, tissues are a collection of cells having small roles that contribute to a much larger level of organization. This collectively provides many fu

Cookies contain assuming they are same size and mass

Assume Margarine picks up 45mg of phthalated per kg. If you use0.5lbs of margarine that has already absorbed 45mg of phhalated tobake 3 dozen cookies. How much phathlated witl

Research the cwa regulations under section

Question (5 points): Some environmental regulations seem to stand alone whereas others act like add-ons. Research the CWA regulations under Section 401, Section 404, and Secti

Why is it important that iptg is not metabolized

Allolactose is the inducer in the wild-type lac operon, in nature. However, in the experiment IPTG was the inducer. Why is it important that IPTG is not metabolized?

What are the potential blood types of their offspring

In a maternity ward, four babies become accidentally mixed up. The ABO blood types of the four babies are known to be O, A, B, and AB. If a mother is type O and the father i

How to keeping the shape of the cell

how to keeping the shape of the cell. But I have found that there is a primary and secondary cell wall - each has their own function - so I am somewhat confused and looking f


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