French military strategy after the suicide bombings

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The topic is the french military strategy after the suicide bombings in the middle East research question is has the french military strategy been successful in the aftermath of the suicide bombings?

Week 1-

Introduction: The Course, the Instructor and the Textbooks

Part I: Strategic Theory

Week 2 -

Strategic Studies and History
John Baylis, "The Continuing Relevance of Strategic Studies," Defense 1(2), (Summer 2001): 1-14.
Gray, "Themes and Contexts of Strategic History," pp. 4-14

Week 3

Essence of Political War: Clausewitz
Gray. PP 15-30
Parret PP. 186-213
Michael Howard, Clausewitz: A Very Short Introduction, (Oxford: OUP,

Week 4 -
Sea Power Strategies: Mahan
Gray, pp. 51-73
Parret, pp. 444-477.

Peter Karsten, "The Nature of Influence: Roosevelt, Mahan and the Co Power, American Quarterly 23(4), October 1971, pp. 585-600.
Paul Kennedy, "The Rise and Fall of Navies: To Rule the Waves," The Rule the Waves," The Times, 5 April 2007. r=1&

Documentary: The Great Ships: Dreadnoughts, (History Channel 1996)
Air Power Strategies
Parrot, pp. 624-647.

Eliot A. Cohen, "The Mystique of U.S. Air Power" Foreign Affairs 73/1 (January/February 1994), pp. 109-124.
Charles M Westonhoff "Airpower and Political Culture" Airpower Journal 11/4 (Winter 1907): 39.50.

Renz, Bettina and Sybille Scheipers, "Discrimination in Aerial Bombing: An Enduring Norm in the 20th Century," Defence Studies 12/1 (June 2012): 17-43. Documentary: Walt Disney's Victory through Air Power, (1944). 65 minutes.

Week 6-
Nuclear Strategy
Parrot, pp. 775-738.
Beathrice Houser, The Bomb: Nuclear Weapons in their Historical, Strategic and Ethical Context, (London: Longman, 2000), pp. 84-101.
Fred Kaplan, "JFK's First Strike Plan," The Atlantic Monthly (October 2001), pp. 81¬86.
Documentary: The Fog of War, (2003). (First 5 chapters only) Recommended feature movie: The Crimson Tide

Week 7
Military Strategy in post-9/11 World
Grey, pp. 235-244
Robert A. Pape, "The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism," American Political Science Review 97(3), (August 2003), pp. 1-19.
David Cook, "A Critique of Robert Pape's Dying to Win," The Journal of Strategic Studies 30(2), (April 2007), pp. 243-254.
Documentary: Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber, (History Channel 2002-
Part II: Stratogy In Action

Week 8 - The Age of Total Industrial War: First and Second World Wars Gray, pp. 85-97.
Williamson Murray, "Armored Warfare: The British, French and German ' Experiences" in (eds.) W.
Period (Cambridge: Cambridge University, 1996).
Murray and A. R. Millet Military Innovation in the Interwar

Week 9 - The Cold War - Politics, Ideology and Strategy Gray. pp 184-204.
Andrei A. Kokoshin. The Relationship between Policy and Strategy in Soviet Military Doctrine. in Soviet Strategic Thought,
1917-91 (Cambridge,
Massachusetts. The MIT Press, 1998): 11-61. Condoleeza Rice, The Party, the Military and Decision Authority in the Soviet Union," World Politics 40/1, (October 1987): 55-81.
Recommended feature movie: The Hunt for Red October

Week 10 - The post-Cold War Strategies: The Gulf War and its Aftermath Gray. pp. 219-234.
Robert Callum, 'War as a Continuation of Policy by Other Means; Clausewitztan Theory in the Persian Gulf War; Defense Analsis 17/1, (2001): 59-72,
Michael T. Clare, -An Anachronistic Policy: The Strategic Obsolesence of the 'Rogue Doctrine'" Harvard International Review, (Summer 2000): 48-51,

Week 11 - 9/11 Diverging Strategic Choices
Gray. pp. 236-244
Robert Kagan, Tower and Weakness," Policy Review, (June and Jut/ 27,7,
Francois Heiseburg, 'Europe's Strategic Ambitions; The Licr 4r, 'f
Survival 42/2, (Summer 2000): 5-15,

Week 12 - The End of Political War as We Know it?
Gray, pp. 264-279
Antony Vinci, "Becoming the Enemy: Convergence in the American and Al Qaeda Way of warfare, " Journal of strategic studies 31(1), (February 2008) pp. 69-88
F.S. Naiden, "Heroes and drones," The Wilson Quarterly, (Autumn 2013) at

Week 13

The End of Political War as We Know it? (cont'd)
Andrew S. Basevich "The Revisionist Imperative Rethinking Twentieth Century war" Journal Military History 76, (April 2012):333-342
PK Gautam, operational Lessons of the Wars of the 21st Century, IDSA Monograph Series. 2013.

Week 14 - Hybrid War/Asymetric War
Pat Phelan, "Fourth Generation Warfare and its Challenges for the Military and Society, " Defence Studies 11/1. (March 2011). 96-119.
Shane R Reeves and Robert E Barnsby. "The New Griffin of War. Hybrid Internationnal Armed Conflicts," Harvard International Review (Winter 2013). 16-18
Alexander Lonazscka. 'Russian Hybrid Warfare and Extended Deterrence in Eastern Europe." International Affairs 92/1 (2016), 175-195

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Reference no: EM131054298

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