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Paraphrase these paragraph with 4 to 5 sentences with simple form and really easy word choice.

Labor Relations & Deregulation

  • The Deregulation Act freed airlines airline competition. Labor groups did not gain benefits from the deregulation due to operating costs. Many airlines couldn't stay afloat with new competition and no help from the government. Some airlines mergered to enter the market, grow, or survive from debt. This created job loss, wage cuts, and out sourcing work from contractors. Airline could not generate suitable earnings for their employees. Other factors that lead to detriment in labor was economic recession, fuel prices, and airline competition.
  • Deregulation has affected the bargaining power of unions by conflicting employees with contracted companies for more cost efficient operations. It negatively affected the productivity, difficulties in negotiations, and wage losses.
  • Some changes that occurred after deregulations was management's change of attitude directed at unions collective bargaining. Since staff is one of aviation's biggest assets airlines need to be cautious that unions don't become a significant threat.  

Reference no: EM131119986

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