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(Fraud examination)

John Doe, a fraud examiner, has been hired by ABC Corporation to investigate a shortage of cash, which management thinks is being caused by fraudulent behavior. John Doe could spend his time and money pursuing witnesses to the crime or collecting documents that would confirm fraudulent activities. As with most fraud examiners, he chooses to collect supporting documents instead of pursuing witnesses.


Explain why John and most other fraud examiners prefer documents over witnesses; then describe elements of good document care.

Reference no: EM13898860

Offensive-defensive strategy

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An important part of pre-trial preparation is discovery. This case will get us thinking about what information should, or should not, be subject to discovery. What do you thin

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Identify whether the research is qualitative or quantitative

Review 6 or more contemporary, research-based articles of interest that relate to your chosen topical area or function and area of prospective practice. Summarize the proble


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