Framework necessary for an effective compliance program
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Graded Activity: Individual Work  Two part assignment 
FIRST PART: Instructional Objectives for this activity: 
Appraise health care compliance programs

Compliance programs must be comprehensive and clear. Additionally, in the health care industry, compliance programs must incorporate elements identified by the Office of the Inspector General.

Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that meets the following criteria:

  • List the seven areas that build the framework necessary for an effective compliance program and describe each one.

Your responses must be analytical and apply the law. Each answer should be a minimum of one full paragraph.

You will be assessed on the nature and scope of your research and the depth of analysis in your response.

Your completed assignment should be 2 page(s) in length.

Reference all sources.


SECOND PART: Instructional Objectives for this activity: 
Generalize the roles of rulemaking and adjudication in administrative law

Agency adjudication can be formal or informal, and the rules of procedure differ with respect to each.

Understanding the difference is critical to the success of your client's case.

Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that answers the following questions:

  1. When does the federal Administrative Procedure Act require that an adjudicatory proceeding be conducted on a formal, i.e., "trial-type" basis?
  2. What are the two basic requirements of due process of law when a person's property or liberty is significantly affected by administrative process?
  3. What is meant by an "ex parte" contact? To what extent are ex parte contacts regulated in formal administrative adjudication?
  4. Identify and describe the principal elements of a formal adjudicatory hearing.
  5. Compare the standards for admissibility of evidence in administrative proceedings to the standards applicable in a court of law.

Answers must be substantive and reflect an understanding of the concepts 

Complete answers will require three to five sentences.

Reference all sources

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