Four significant business risks of the company

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SEC filings of certain public companies can be accessed from EDGAR (electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval System), which has the following Internet address:

a) Use EDGAR to locate a company in the software industry.

b) Access the latest Form 10-K for the company and read "Management's Discussion and Analysis" from Form 10-K.

c) Describe four significant business risks of the company as described in "Management's Discussion and Analysis."

Reference no: EM1345966

Question on international fisher effect

The annual interest rate on one-year, U.S. government bonds is 5 percent. The annual interest rate on one-year Swedish government bonds is 7 percent.

One-year forward rate

Assume the annual risk-free rate in U.S. is 3%. The annual risk-free rate in Pounds Sterling is 5%. The spot rate of exchange is .625pounds/$. What must the one-year forward

Focus on one of the most interesting concepts you learned

focus on one of the most interesting concepts you learned. Examples would be the an overview of corporate financing or Lease v. Buy discussion, Risk Management and how Interna

Multilateral and regional financial institutions

How do multilateral and regional financial institutions promote global business? How do global companies protect themselves against foreign exchange risk and other financial r

Effective interest rate on foreign loan

Swenser Corporation arranged a two-year, $1,000,000 loan to fund the foreign project. The loan is denominated in Mexican Pesos, carries 10% nominal rate, and requires equal

Inflation and interest rate effects

The opening of Russia's market has resulted in the highly volatile Russian currency (the ruble). Russia's inflation has basically exceeded 20 percent per month. Russian inte

Assessing economic exposure

Alaska, Inc., plans to create and finance the subsidiary in Mexico which produces computer components at a low cost and export them to other countries. It has no other inter

Parity relationships and arbitrage

You're an expatriate working for Bank America in Hong Kong, and examine the following prices. Formulate arbitrage strategy to profit from the situation.


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