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Write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

File systems and mount points are often a source of confusion for users (and some administrators). Take this opportunity to describe a UNIX file system and how a mount works to attach a disk to a UNIX server.

  • Discuss how the contents of a directory are impacted (and when and/or if they are available for use) when a file system is mounted on that directory.
  • Discuss how a UNIX system uses the contents of the "/etc/fstab" file with respect to file systems.

Reference no: EM131286220

Design complete system of timer using 8086 and peripherals

Real-time systems often require precise timing for data sampling and control operations. This is usually achieved through the use of a programmable timer circuit that period

What are the agents in your model

How would you simulate the different policy choices, namely, the allocation of funds to minimize commuter time? What measures would you collect to answer the council ' s que

Information security audits

Which of the following would be part of an bi-annual corporate audit (see a-e) and what type of information would be gathered including which polices if any would apply?

Describe history of portfolio design in graphics design

Describe the history of portfolio design in the graphics design industry, and role of a graphic designer. Discuss current trends in portfolio design, and the possible future t

Find an analytic approximation for the function

Find an analytic approximation for the function P(T) along the liquid-gas phase boundary. Sketch your answer and compare it to a phase diagram of water that you can find on

What are the problems with horizontal and vertical solutions

What expectation should there be for a database management system with regard to handling data control issues such as data security, backup and recovery, and concurrency con

Current household budget

Explain how your own current household budget, tastes and preferences, and future expectations determine how much of each of these products you purchase in a year. Describe

Calculate the total time required to transmit 10,000 bits

Hosts A and B are each connected to a switch S via 10-Mbps links as in Figure 1.25. The propagation delay on each link is 20 μs. S is a store-and forward device; it begins r


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