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Find an approximate solution for the clamped circular orthotropic plate of radius "a" (see Problem 6.3) for a centrally located concentrated load. What is the ratio of maximum deflections between the orthotropic plate and the isotropic plate for the same coordinate function you have used?

Problem 6.3:

An orthotropic continuum has three planes of symmetry with respect to elastic properties. For plane stress, generalized Hooke's law for such a material is given as


(Note there are four elastic moduli.) Formulate the equations of equilibrium as well as the boundary conditions for an orthotropic plate in terms of w using rectangular coordinates. Demonstrate that your equation degenerates to the case of the isotropic plate. Use whatever results of Sec. 6.3 that are valid for this case

Reference no: EM131163177

What is the magnitude smax of the maximum bending stress

A tapered cantilever beam AB of length L has square cross sections and supports a concentrated load P at the free end [see figure part (a)]. The width and height of the beam

Determine a wrench equivalent force system

Determine a wrench equivalent force system and specify the x and y coordinates of the point where the wrench's line of action intersects the xy plane. Express your answers i

Forming of a hemispherical dome

In superplastic forming, it is often necessary to control the strain rate. Consider the forming of a hemispherical dome by clamping a sheet over a circular hole and bulging

Derive the plant model for an automatic transmission system

Derive the plant model for an automatic transmission system. Design a state space controller with state feedback based on the performance objectiveof minimizing the peak shift

Entered and the pressure of the steam in the supple line

A 2-m^3 rigid insulated tank initially containing saturated water vapor at 1 MPa is connected through a valve to a supply line that carries steam at 400C. Now the valve is ope

Determine the volume flowrate from the tank

Water is siphoned from a large tank and discharges into the atmosphere through a 5 cm diameter tube as shown in below figure. The end of the tube is 1 m below the tank botto

Consider a cold air-standard diesel cycle

Consider a cold air-standard Diesel cycle. At the beginning of the compression process, the pressure is 0.1 MPa, the temperature is 320 K, and the volume of air is 0.02 m3. Th

Calculate the electric field intensity in free space

Electric field of infinite surface. Calculate the electric field intensity in free space at a distance d above an infinite plane charged with a uniform surface charge dens


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