Formation of u.s. constitution

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Federalism is the structure where two or more levels of government operate alongside each other with some autonomy, although they have overlapping jurisdiction and specific functions. During the formation of the U.S. Constitution, there were federalist and anti-federalist arguments being made. Explain the concept of federalism; use specific examples of federalism and anti-federalism in your posting.

Which group had the best arguments? Support your argument with examples. Incorporate some of the shifts that took place between both groups (federalists and anti-federalists) to support your response.

Reference no: EM1329149

Shaping the constitutional law in united states

Please note that the U.S. Bill of Rights brings a philosophical perspective that should not be lost and has helped to shape constitutional law in the United States.

Sitauting a contract

What do you think were some of the considerations by the parties involved in forming this contract? What are some of the ways that contract breach could occur?

Constitutional and public policy arguments

As the lawyer for the development, what are your constitutional and public policy arguments in favor of the taking? Next, as the lawyer for a community preservation group, w

Information regarding constitutional interpretation

What differing approaches to constitutional interpretation do you find in the opinions of Justices Kennedy and Scalia in Roper v. Simmons (2005)?

Revision of bill of rights

Based on the levels and types of violent crimes being committed today in the United States, is the Bill of Rights outdated and in need of revision?

Elements creating thorough case

What elements are essential to creating a thorough case analysis? How does each element help the Supreme Court justices focus on the information that is most relevant to the

Explaining the american judiciary and sedition

Describe how these three events or developments affected the limits of freedom of expression under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Importance of branzburg v/s hayes and confidentiality

How have lower courts interpreted the Branzburg v. Hayes decision based on whether the cases involved civil, criminal, or grand jury proceedings?


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