Formation of strobili in equisetum

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1. How does the formation of strobili in Equisetum comparewith that in Lycopodium and Selaginella?

2. What EMBRYONIC tissue develops from the notochord (in amphibians)?Please give as much detail

3. Why does an enzyme capable of hydrolyzing glu-alpha-1,4-glu bonds not have the ability to hydrolyze beta bonds?

4. What EMBRYONIC tissue develops from the notochord (in amphibians)? Please give as much detail

Reference no: EM13529278

Contractile units in skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle

Describe the structural differences of the contractile units in skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle. Why would calcium channel blocking hypertension drug have an effect on bl

Species of plant or animal and research

Choose a species of plant or animal and research its basic biology. Describe your species and its ecology. What kinds of factors are likely to regulate the population size o

Describe three mechanisms for receptor desensitization

Continuous exposure of a Gs protein –coupled receptor toits ligand leads to a phenomenon known as desensitization. Describe three mechanisms for receptor desensitization.

Damage when encountered during replication

Pyrimidine dimers cannot be copied by the normal action of DNA polymerases, so DNA replication would stop when the polymerase encounters one of these dimers. What mechanism ha

Possible blood types of offspring of a father

Individuals with either the IAIA or IAi genotypes have blood type A. Those with IBIB or IBi have blood type B. Those withIAIB have blood type AB, and those with ii have bloo

Cellular respiration is a vital process

Cellular respiration is a vital process. Define cellular respiration and identify the specific steps as well as the major energy molecule produced in each step.

What is the length of double helix

A human cell has 10^14 cells and each human cell has about 6.4x10^9 nucleotide pairs of DNA. What is the length of double helix that could be formed from this amount of DNA

Would it likely affect birth rate

If a disease instead killed 50 percent of females, would it likelyaffect birth rate? Imagine a disease that killed 50% of the male roachs in population.Do you think this will


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