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I read this book "Forever Foreigners or Honorary Whites" for a book review but I'm having a difficult time gathering my thoughts and the main points from the author. Below is the assignment description:

Situate the merit of the book and to evaluate critically the author's purpose, thesis, contentions, and methods of analysis. Hence, the bulk of the body of one's review essay will be an evaluation of how convincing was the author's presentation of his/her thesis, and a commentary on the book's contribution to one's understanding of important issues in race and ethnic relations in the United States.

Among the features you will want to include in a strong review are:
• A discussion of the author's main contentions.
• An explanation of the type of sources the author utilized, and the methods the author employs in choosing and organizing those sources.
• An assessment of the strong points or shortcomings of the book.
• How does this book change the way one should think about the subject (or about debated issues in race and ethnic relations in the United States).

Thanks in advance for all your help. Any tips, advice or help would be much appreciated!!

Reference no: EM13509529

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