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Suppose that US$1 equals €0.7778 in New York and US$1 equals €0.7775 in Paris. How can foreign exchange traders in New York and Paris profit from these exchange rates?

Reference no: EM131417937

Business is organised primarily for efficiency purposes

If business is organised primarily for efficiency purposes, evaluate the relationship between organisational structure and organisational effectiveness from your readings this

Describe the motivational factor

Describe the motivational factor that influenced the team or employees. How strong was, or is, the team identity on this project and why? What could the project manager or tea

The result of deviations in performance not changes in metho

The same accounting methods should be applied from period to period and all changes to more acceptable methods should be well explained and justified. Deviations in measured o

Work in a middle-management position

Your company has just hired your foreign friend to work in a middle-management position. Since you have lived in the United States for many years, your friend believes that

Historic trends in profitability

Explain your position using the evidence of your choice: textbook details about the ratio types or profits themselves, historic trends in profitability, or recent news artic

Customer interacts with an organisation

Select a scenario that you are familiar with where a customer interacts with an organisation. For example a customer in an electronics shop, a client in a pet shop, a person

Indicate poor project management

If the aerospace and the defense industries have been using project management for more than 40 years, then why do we still have cost overruns, perhaps as much as 200 to 300

Compute the wacc

Common stock- 150,000 shares outstanding, selling for $60 per share, the beta is 1.11. Market: 9.5 percent market risk premium and 7.5 percent risk-free rate. Compute the WA


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