Forecasts play an important role in state and federal levels

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You now should realize how important it is for economists to try and predict future conditions of the U.S. economy. Economists are also interested in the performance of the economy at a more local level. Discuss how local and national forecasts play an important role in the State and Federal levels. There have been significant discussions on the government's fiscal policy during the Great Recession. In particular, many did not like the government's actions in salvaging the auto industry in providing guaranteed loans to GM and Chrysler. What is your opinion? Provide economic reasons for your opinion

Reference no: EM13997108

Describe the relationship of race-class and gender

Describe the relationship of race, class, and gender and its effect on health and mental care delivery in the United States. What steps could be taken to guarantee that all ha

Make stockholder indifferent to outcome of dividend decision

After completing its capital spending for the year, Carlson Manufacturing has $1,100 extra cash. Carlson’s managers must choose between investing the cash in Treasury bonds th

Checkable-deposit liabilities

A commercial bank has $100 million in checkable-deposit liabilities and $12 million in actual reserves. The required reserve ratio is 10 percent. How big are the bank’s excess

Expansionary fiscal policy in order to address shortfall

Draw the AS-AD representation of an economy in a Recessionary Gap. Policymakers familiar with Keynesian Economics might attempt expansionary fiscal policy in order to address

Psychological and physiological effects of vision

Conduct a scholarly literature search of recent peer reviewed articles pertaining to the psychological and physiological effects of vision, noise, illumination, vibration, and

What is the nominal interest rate per year

If an investment of $20,000 is worth $22,076 at the end of one year with quarterly compounding: What is the nominal interest rate per year(APR)? What is the effective interest

The elasticity of demand by texans for a car wash

You are the manager of a gas station and your goal is to maximize profits. Based on your past experience, the elasticity of demand by Texans for a car wash is -4, while the el

The economist definition of investment

The difference between the price the firm sells a good for and the price it paid other firms for intermediate goods is called. The annual charge that estimates the amount of c


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