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A manager of a store that sells and installs spas wants to prepare a forecast for January, February, and March of next year. Her forecasts are a combination of trend and seasonality. She uses the following equation to estimate the trend component of monthly demand: Ft = 90 + 6t, where t = 0 in June of last year. Seasonal relatives are 1.07 for January, .88 for February, and .96 for March. What demands should she predict? (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)

Reference no: EM131156114

Research to compare and contrast the cost

Research to compare and contrast the cost, capital, and cash considerations of the following transportation modes: aviation, rail, road, off-road, ship, pipelines, cable and

Time period model

UDI Pharmaceuticals orders its antibiotics every three weeks (21 days) when a salesperson visits from one of the Pharmaceutical companies. Tetracycline is one of its most pres

Purpose of discussing business objectives

Contact the owner or manager of an organization by phone or e-mail in your city or town. Request a 15-minute personal interview or meeting for the purpose of discussing "busin

Performance evaluation ratings do you see as most credible

Which source of performance evaluation ratings do you see as most credible? Why?(Remember, the source refers to the person doing the evaluation, not the type of evaluation bei

What is an internal consultant

What is an internal consultant? How does an internal consultant differ from an external one? Kenton and Moody present a “new model” for internal consultancy. How does their ne

Determine the resulting reliability

a computer has three modules that must work for the computer to work properly. Two modules .97 and one .99.=.97x.97x.99=0.9315. If an identical backup is installed and we as

Experience communication issues

Widgets R US experience communication issues which prevented decisions from being made. It is clear that Widgets R US is a functional organization because it indicated that lo

Several negative remarks about her job performance,

Doug and Stella work for ABC in the quality control department and became involved in a consensual dating relationship. Doug was Stella's supervisor. As luck would have it, St


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