Forecast the tire sales for february through may

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Use simple exponential smoothing with a=0.33 to forecast the tire sales for February through May. Assume that the forecast for January was for 22 sets of tires.

Months / Auto Tire Sales

Jan / 28

Feb / 21

March / 39

April / 34

Reference no: EM13185793

Determine what is the income elasticity of demand

Suppose the market demand curve for a product is given by: Qd = 500 - 15P + 20I and the market supply schedule is: Qd = -25 + 10P + 10K. The initial values are I = 10, K = 5

Compute the internal rate of return and net present value

A firm has the opportunity to invest in a project having an initial outlay of $20,000. Net cash inflows (before depreciation and taxes) are expected to be $5,000 per year fo

Determine the number of subscribers signing up for service

Motorola and other backers sank more than $5 billion in the 1990s into the development of Iridium, satellite communications systems to connect wireless telephone users anywh

Did qe3 help the economy

Hasn't the Fed already tried quantitative easing? When? What were the results?Discuss the method of quantitative easing used by the Federal Reserve during the most recent U.

How much can wilma expect to sell her bond for

Wilma bought a 10-year $1000 bond when the interest rate was 5% per year. So her bond would provide her with $50 at the end of each of ten successive years; and the $1000 is

Determine the steady rate at which salary increases

Matt is a 25 year old engineer, and his salary next year will be $60,000. Matt expects that his salary will increase at a steady rate of 5% per year until his retirement at

What is the annual equivalent cost for each motor

Power cost per kwh is $0.14. Annual maintenance, taxes and insurance will be 2.5% of the initial cost. a. What is the annual equivalent cost for each motor b. What is the IRR

Develop a bar chart to help you manage this project

A local municipality has issued a request for proposals to conduct a feasibility study to design, implement, and sustain a recycling program in a small town. As PM, you need


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